Missing 411
Branding / Visual Design

Missing 411 is a 4 player, race-to-the-finish board game with a twist.

Embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of mystery with Missing 411, the board game that takes you deep into the wilderness of a vast national park in search of the lost. Your mission is to locate a missing person who has vanished under mysterious circumstances. However, beware, for in the shadows lurks a monstrous force that turns the quest for answers into a fight for survival.
Cryptid Cards: After reaching the heart of the park you will be confronted by a cryptid threatening a fight. Each card has three levels that must be beaten to defeat the monster.  

Field Cards: As you search the park collect pages from those who have explored the park before. These cards may offer an item to aid your journey or trigger an event that could devastate you and the other players.
The logo takes inspiration from crime scene evidence markers to evoke the themes of mystery and investigation of an unresolved crime. 
Color Palette
Final Thoughts

The research phase proved to be important in developing a design system that tells a story. Having each component feel authentic to old crime and police documents creates a narrative that feels real, allowing players to become immersed in the game and feel as though they are a part of the story.
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